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From recycled plastic to renewable wood composite, our products are crafted with sustainability in mind. And we’re proud that our production of our iconic screens is almost Zero Waste thanks to tricks like reusing off-cuts as samples or incorporating them into bespoke-sized screens. 

Weather resistant

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All of our products are designed to be weather resistant as much as possible. Our signature screens and fences are made from advanced composite material which is why they’re highly durable. They’re fully waterproof – so they won’t crack, rot or mould. And they’re finished with a protective UV coating meaning they won’t fade, even with daily sunlight exposure. This coating also protects from mud, soil and stains. You’ll never need to paint them. And you can simply wipe them with a wet sponge, or even hose them down, to get that sparkling brand new look.

Installation options

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Our products are designed for easy installation. Our screens can be installed onto any surface – like brickwork or fence panelling. And because they’re wood composite, all you need to do is use a screw, or you could use our posts to create free standing fencing. Don’t fancy DIY? We can install them for you. Speak to our installation experts or simply add Installation when you buy.

Customisable size

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We create collections in multiple sizes, but if you can’t find a size that’s 100% perfect for your space, they’re incredibly easy to customise. Get in touch with our sales specialists to find out about customised products, or our expert installation team can take care of it all for you.


How do you clean the hanging screens?

All of our hanging screens can be wiped clean and disinfected without being damaged.

How thick are the screens & what are the screens made from?

Our screens are available in composite, corten and in a variety of patterns. Our composite large screens are available in 5mm and 16mm and in variety of colours. Our corten screens are available in one thickness only, which is 2mm thick with a 16mm edging making them suitable to use in posts as fencing too. Our screens are then available in a variety of sizes, extra large, large, medium and trellis.

Do you offer custom designs in the screens?

Yes. If you are interested in designing your own screens, or if you have a custom size you would like. Simply get in touch with us via live chat and we will be able to put together a quote for you and help you with your project.

Can I cut the screens to size if I need too?

Yes, any of our screens can be cut to fit. However, first we would recommend looking at our other off the shelf sizes such as extra large, large, medium screens or trellis. We also offer a custom made screen service. Simply use our live chat or contact us for more information.